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Out of This Place

From A Quiet Prayer October 17, 2016

There were the most

tender moments

of deep connection.

And there were moments

that were painful

beyond description.

Somehow, I found,

it all returned

to tenderness.

And so I continued

to show up

and participate in life

because I had experienced

the endless struggle

in the search

and the relief in finding

justĀ one word

shared out of this place

that could bridge the gap

in my own heart.

In My Own Way

Unsorted October 10, 2016

Since I was a little girl,

I saw there was

more to life

than what we could see

on the surface.

And so I found myself

looking for the deeper story

in everything.

I wasn’t interested so much

in memorizing lines

and verses.

I wanted to feel

where the story

was coming from.

And so I did.

And then I experienced

what it was like

to be unable to feel

this deeper story

for a while

and struggled to find

my way back again —

so that I could share

my own story

in my own way.