Tag: Comfort


Reflections June 29, 2017

I found

it was possible

to keep my focus

on the deepening

connection with my

inner knowing

that guided me.

Things and people

showed up

as support

and confirmation

of my own inner


There was


in no longer needing

to become more

tangled up

in past traumas,

future uncertainties,

or present



Until It Spilled Over

Quieting May 20, 2017

I found my greatest

joy within

the quiet moments

where there was

nothing to do

but hold and honor

all that appeared

until it spilled over

and the essence

of every experience

became a prayer.

Carefully Hidden

Quieting May 2, 2017

I found my way

to the gentle healer


the part

that had included

and transformed

other parts

of me.

And I found

the deepest kind

of relief

and calm

as she reached

for the parts

that had been carefully



Quieting May 1, 2017

I always returned

to the tenderness

I first knew

to follow.

There were doubts

and questions

and moments where

the path seemed

less clear.

But it always led

me safely back

to the tenderness

within my