Tag: Encouragement

All That Was Beautiful

Reflections December 11, 2017

There was something

tender about walking

through intense darkness

and intense light.

There was a

very real choice in

each moment to reach

more deeply into my Self

and to offer my love

more intensely to the world —

to align with all that was

beautiful about being alive

and to live as a prayer —

no matter what.


Continuing On, Softening October 21, 2017

During times

of great shifting,

when emotions were


and bodies

and minds tired

most easily

with each added thought

and moment of


I found it was

possible to return

my focus

to the stillness


and count every

single piece of

wisdom gained as valuable —

while being willing

to hold it

lightly —

remaining unafraid

to release all

into the creative space

I learned to

embrace again

and again,

each time a little more


as I continued on.

This Living Prayer

From A Quiet Prayer August 18, 2016

For the times

when there is nothing

left to do

but keep walking through,

when every word

we would try to say

couldn’t honor

the courage it takes

to just keep quiet

in our hearts

and keep walking,

when all attempts

to explain or sort

only seem

to make it worse —

for these times,

I offer this

living prayer.