Tag: oneness


Quieting February 2, 2017

After a while,

life was less

about trying so hard

or forcing

pieces to come together.

It was more about

gently reconnecting

with my own heart,

including those pieces

that were uncomfortable

to hold

at first.

It was about reaching

for a higher self

and back.

It was about holding

and letting go

at the same time —

again and again.


For an Instant

Reflections January 31, 2017

There was a kind

of strength

that came out

of my deepest pain

and mixed with the


shattered pieces of

my own heart had

worked so hard

to push down —

because they sensed

the amount of truth

they would cry out

was too much

for any one piece

to hold —

but they were never

seperate, really.

This strength found

a way

to reach up

just once more

when it had been

pushed down

too many times

to count.

This strength stood

and looked

at all that was

painful and terrible —

straight in the face.

And it vowed

to feel its own part

in it.

It agreed to keep reaching

because it had felt

the reaching back

of a hand

holding that same fear

that shook

in its own —

if only for

an instant.