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Letting Go January 6, 2017

I searched

and gathered

and carried

and tried

and learned

many things

in hope

of finding

and sharing

something that would

make some kind of


or bring some kind

of relief.

And I found the deepest

kind of healing came

in setting it all down —

daring to show up



The Quieting

Quieting October 17, 2016

The quieting

continued to deepen.

Outer and inner experiences

were no longer seen

as obstacles,

but as life simply

showing up

as I had witnessed

my own self

showing up

to meet life.

And in this quieting,

there was often

sadness —

as again and again,

I offered up

my whole self

to something other than

what my mind imagined

life to be.

But there was always

great peace.

Surrender to a Deeper Me

From A Quiet Prayer August 2, 2016

When life on the surface

became too much,

I found there was

immediate relief

in turning inward,

sinking down

past the thoughts

of how things should be,

resetting to a state

of prayer,

and refocusing

in the present moment

as it appeared —

holding, honoring

and letting go

until it became

something beautiful.

Always, this surrender to

a deeper me

was more satisfying

and more tender

than any experience

I could have created