After a while,

I found I could

reach a little past

the surface

of what appeared.

I found I could

connect with

a peace independent

of outer


I found my deepest

healing in the space


a little more in each

moment —

within my heart.


Nothing Left

Without a solid sense

of a fragmented self

once held in place

by overthinking

and figuring out,

the pull was to seek out

quiet space

in which to transform

experience back into

prayer —

deeply honoring

all that was left

unresolved on the surface —

gently pointing

back to the space

within my heart

because there was

nothing left

to block the way.

Prayers, Unsorted


When the world

around us

becomes noisy,

when parts of us

have forgotten

the sacred space

from which

we started,

remind us

to hold this space

a little tighter.

Lead us gently back

to quiet places

and safe arms —

that we may be

the healers

and sacred guardians

that we are.


May these words be joined with others.

What the World Needs Now – Peace