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Each Quiet Prayer

Prayers September 16, 2016

Thank you for each heart

that has answered

the call of Love,

showing up in a world

of great suffering

and great beauty,

being exposed

to all if it —

often intensely.

Thank you for each

quiet prayer

from each human soul

holding a sacred space

because the choice

was made

to look inside

or to reach out

for answers,

to do what was required —

to make this

sacred journey into the heart.

Thank you

for being here.


A New Draft

Prayers September 16, 2016

For the times

when there is

much emotion,

when challenges

have piled up

and the surface reflection

shows only separateness,

when we don’t know

where to start

to put the pieces together,

when we can’t see

the whole story,

may we find comfort,

knowing we are creating

a new draft,

participating a little

more fully —

letting go a little more

of needing it to go

a certain way —

writing this time

with our hearts.


With Each Small Surrender

Continuing On September 2, 2016

For a while,

I followed the endless

promises of another 

way out

of pain and longings —

only to be caught

in cycles

of up and down

and forward

and back.

And so I began

to follow the pieces

of me

that could lead

in a different way —

calming and evolving

with each small surrender

and bit of courage

to keep showing up

as healer

of my own heart.


Quieting August 16, 2016

And so I set off,

trying my best

to follow

the path of mind,

trying to fit

in a world

where every gap

seemed to be filled

with more distractions

from what I longed for

the most —

the forgotten magic,

the very thing

that made life

worth showing up for,

the spark —

the mystery of

who or what I really was,

the freedom to return

to a more natural me,

the one I had always been —