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Sometimes it’s nice to show up as I am  — to meet others as they are — to toss my thoughts and wait for them to come back down a little more gently — to hold a space for just the kind of love that doesn’t need a continuous narration or specific way to be.

Into Wholeness

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Softening / Unsorted

I began to notice a natural softening in myself and others as I aligned to my own true essence — a subtle shifting that bypassed the need to sort out every personal flaw and pattern. There was a sense of relief after having struggled and identified ourselves with the parts that were evolving — an embracing — a relaxing into our own inherent wholeness.

Pure Reverence

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From A Quiet Prayer

It’s a funny thing, this love that we are. Underneath the stories and details that seem to fill every bit of it, if we look and listen just a little deeper down, what we take as facts, black and white, this or that, who we truly are and what we truly desire, softens a little into pure reverence for what is and what is becoming.

A Deeper Story

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I found peace in the letting go of the need to hold each detail of my own life so tightly. Somehow, because all attempts at solving the puzzle of my own struggles in the usual ways completely failed, I was left holding the remnants of a deeper story. This was the story I wanted to share because it belonged to a deeper me.

Straight Through

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Continuing On

I found peace in the quiet way I learned to hold and let go of all that crossed my path. I found it in the silence within my heart, often in the middle of the most difficult parts of the journey where the sound of my own steps taken in pure faith and a knowing smile from a passer-by became my greatest hope and inspired me to keep walking straight through.

A State of Prayer

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From A Quiet Prayer

And so I entered a state of prayer — each time a little more fully as life continued, as I continued on within its mysterious dance — as thoughts and feelings appeared as movements in some forgotten symphony — arranging themselves and landing again in the most beautiful silence that no one movement could express.