Gently Guided

I found safety

in the natural way

I began to explore

myself and the world

around me.

I began to use thought

as a kind of safety net,

an intimate way

of staying grounded

and allowing myself

to be gently guided —

returning safely

again and again

to this quiet space

where I first waited

for my heart to speak

in a way I could


Borrowed Time

There was something precious

about getting down to

the core —

something raw —

a quieting,

a letting go

of the need to be

anything more

than life living itself

naturally —

stillness moving

on borrowed time

in no time —


and affirming itself

silently or as

a whisper.

Into Wholeness

I began to notice

a natural softening

in myself and others

as I aligned to my own

true essence —

a subtle shifting

that bypassed

the need to sort out

every personal flaw

and pattern.

There was a sense

of relief

after having struggled

and identified ourselves

with the parts

that were evolving —

an embracing —

a relaxing into

our own inherent wholeness.