For the parts

of us

that grieve

for all that

can’t be expressed

in words,

for the frustration

that comes

when words are


and seen to be


I offer my deepest

silent prayer.

Know that we don’t

grieve alone —

even when it seems

we are on opposing sides

on the surface.

Somewhere, below

the surface stories

and very real


we know we are


And we know

there is a part

of us that

is healed.

May it continue

to whisper

as we find courage

to hold our grief

and our healing



This Living Prayer

For the times

when there is nothing

left to do

but keep walking through,

when every word

we would try to say

couldn’t honor

the courage it takes

to just keep quiet

in our hearts

and keep walking,

when all attempts

to explain or sort

only seem

to make it worse —

for these times,

I offer this

living prayer.