Tag: Meditation

Along the Way

Quieting January 17, 2017

I found it was

possible to find

our way back

to our hearts.

I found that,

for every single

thing I gave up

along the way,

for every broken dream

and every person

I couldn’t reach,

there was an expansion

of the tender space

I had come to know

as the source

of true peace,


and happiness.


Something Real

Quieting January 13, 2017

It happened subtly

at first.

Thoughts and ideas

and all those many

images and words

about how

we should be

and how

things had been

began to fade —

just enough

to let in

something unexpected —

an original thought,

a genuine expression,

a little breathing space —

a tender interaction

almost missed —

the serenity we felt

as we didn’t grasp.

Maybe it was us

who dared to

turn away

in search of

something real.

Gently Guided

Unsorted January 5, 2017

I found safety

in the natural way

I began to explore

myself and the world

around me.

I began to use thought

as a kind of safety net,

an intimate way

of staying grounded

and allowing myself

to be gently guided —

returning safely

again and again

to this quiet space

where I first waited

for my heart to speak

in a way I could


A Quieter View

Quieting December 15, 2016

I began to listen

a little more deeply —

turning down the volume

of thoughts and stories —

focusing more and more

in my heart.

I found the contrast

shocking, really.

There was a tender

kind of sadness

as a quieter view

came more into focus

and what was most real

and true

began to show through

all the clutter.

And I vowed

that however great

the contrast became,

this time —

I wouldn’t let go

of this.