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In This Moment

Prayers September 10, 2016

Let me be a reprieve

from the endless loops

of thinking and doing.

the space behind,

the place that mind

would say must be

around another bend

of more thinking

and doing

and teaching

and learning,

the place we look

right past

because we think

it should be different

or more,

because it includes

all that we would

choose to exclude.

Let me be that place

in this moment.



Calm in Chaos

Reflections July 4, 2016

I found there was


in the middle of chaos —

sinking down in

and through

to the place called

state of prayer –

holding on

to the space within,

honoring whatever appeared —

letting go

of everything else.

Where Nothing Is Too Much

Letting Go July 2, 2016

Sometimes the story

on the surface

was too much.

And so I found

I could toss it up

and trust the pieces

to come back down

a little more gently.

And I was thankful

for the quiet

wordless messages

from my heart

that took its place.

I didn’t wish them

to be less subtle anymore

because I knew they came

from that pure place

where nothing is too much.