Straight Through

Life continued to unfold

with all of its challenges

and pain

and beauty.

Questions like

Who am I

and the unshakeable

determination to keep

showing up

became more important

than any one insight

or set of

explanations —

pulling me each time

back a little more

into Self —

not deeper down

into thought,

but straight through

all if it

to its core —

where I sensed intuitively

and found great relief

in knowing

this as my center.

The Starting Point

The deepest kind

of healing,

I found,

didn’t come out of

neatly wrapped packages,

but from the persistent search

and willingness to sink

right down into

what appeared on the surface —

to see through it,

honoring without needing

to analyze or fix —

to become quiet

in my heart

so that the pure love

and clarity

I found there

naturally became

the starting point

in all instances.