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A Quieting

Quieting August 14, 2016

There was a quieting,

a surrender into

the truest me,

a letting go

of the need

to arrange all of

the pieces

of a heart I believed

to be broken —

the most natural

kind of peace —

just a little deeper


Into the Silent Spaces

From A Quiet Prayer July 31, 2016

At a certain point,

it seemed fitting

to sink down

a little more into

the silent spaces

within my heart,

to reach beyond

the complexities of being

in a healing world.

It seemed most natural

to search for this place

in others,

to let go

of the outdated ideas

of healing and peace

and to show up in a new way —

to embrace the unknown

with honor

and openness —

to become willing to participate

in our own evolution —

trusting the way to be shown.

A Peace That Never Left

Holding July 8, 2016

It was in the willingness

to stand still

for just a moment

when there was no time

to stand still,

to stop trying so hard

to be better,

to meet whatever appeared —

even if it was nothing

at all.

It was in the persistence

of holding my ground —

even if that very ground

seemed shakey

and dissolved

into the nothing.

It was here

that I found a peace

that never left.

From This Space

Reflections June 28, 2016

I let go

of the search

for understanding

and relief outside

of me.

I began to reconnect

with my own heart

and with my experiences

in the world

in a gentler way.

And to my surprise,

this gentler way

was so beautiful

that just one whisper

from this space

was enough

to drop all that was

untrue and unneeded