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Daring to Be Still

Holding August 20, 2016

Somewhere beyond

and in the middle

of all of this movement,

all of the noise,

is the me I thought

was lost.

And although who exactly

this is

escapes my understanding

in the usual way,

somehow it is

in the daring

to stand still here —

that I find her again.

— Laurie, What’s Right Here

An Unspoken Truce

Holding July 7, 2016

At a certain point,

it became clear

that relief must come

at once,

in the form of

a respite,

an unspoken truce —

in the middle of

all that remained


and unsettled.

And so I entered

the place beyond thought.

And though the energy

of what was held there

was often intense,

it was always tender

to sink a little

further in,

to be willing

to allow the uneasiness

to be there

and to subside,

to see this place

outside of me —

to be okay

no matter what.