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This Listening

Quieting October 7, 2016

Writing calms me

like medicine.

It quiets me.

I don’t try to understand

with my mind.

I just let it flow out

and sink in

to my heart.

Sometimes one word

shows up in a piece

and reaches where I couldn’t

reach in other ways.

Maybe it is that

I have to become

so still inside

to listen

with my whole being.

Maybe it is this listening

that calms the little parts

of me so profoundly.

— Laurie, Heart Space


Strong Enough

From A Quiet Prayer October 6, 2016

And so the words

written carefully

on my heart

began to reflect

the gentle way

I had taken in

subtle messages

from inner and outer

experiences —

reflecting the soft,

repetitive motion

of holding and letting go,

listening and settling —

the one thing

strong enough

to heal my own heart —

this gentle way —

this most natural movement

of life.

For a While

Honoring September 10, 2016

For a while

my words seemed

to not be heard.

They seemed

to lash out

against each other,

for a while,

as the anger tried to find

its place,

as all that wasn’t right

found its way

to the surface.

And so I began to honor

all these fractured pieces

and assure them

that they did indeed belong,

that they were heard

in me.

And I freed them.

I let them go,

set them free —

trusting them to come back

a little less fractured,

in way that could be heard,

in whatever form needed —

to keep speaking

what was true,

perhaps  a little

more gently

or more directly

or with just enough

passion and restraint —

until they fell silent —

into the place

where there was

no more distance

between the speaking

and the listening.

Into Nothing

Reflections March 5, 2016

I have held and honored —

set it all down —

watched as it faded back

into nothing.

I have waited

as the perfect pieces


And I have forgotten

and pushed —

tried to make

my own inner art

into something else —


I have forgotten

the importance of the holding

and remembered

as, in my frustration,

it found its own way

and revealed itself to me