This Listening

Writing calms me

like medicine.

It quiets me.

I don’t try to understand

with my mind.

I just let it flow out

and sink in

to my heart.

Sometimes one word

shows up in a piece

and reaches where I couldn’t

reach in other ways.

Maybe it is that

I have to become

so still inside

to listen

with my whole being.

Maybe it is this listening

that calms the little parts

of me so profoundly.

— Laurie,¬†Heart Space

Strong Enough

And so the words

written carefully

on my heart

began to reflect

the gentle way

I had taken in

subtle messages

from inner and outer

experiences —

reflecting the soft,

repetitive motion

of holding and letting go,

listening and settling —

the one thing

strong enough

to heal my own heart —

this gentle way —

this most natural movement

of life.

A State of Prayer

And so I entered

a state of prayer —

each time a little

more fully

as life continued,

as I continued on

within its mysterious dance —

as thoughts

and feelings appeared

as movements in some

forgotten symphony —

arranging themselves

and landing again

in the most

beautiful silence

that no one movement

could express.