The Most Loving Thing

There was tenderness

in the persistent way

pieces of my own heart

longed for understanding

and in the gentle way

they became willing

to surrender

the need to grasp —

to step outside

neatly sorted

concepts and ideas

and every place

that was comfortable

and guaranteed —

to toss it all up

again and again

because it was

the most loving thing.

Straight Through

I found peace

in the quiet way

I learned to hold

and let go

of all that crossed

my path.

I found it

in the silence

within my heart,

often in the middle

of the most difficult

parts of the journey

where the sound

of my own steps

taken in pure faith

and a knowing smile

from a passer-by

became my greatest hope

and inspired me

to keep walking

straight through.

Stillness Within

I found it was

possible to walk through

whatever appeared

on the surface of life.

I found comfort

in my ability

to hold and honor

my own experience,

meeting the outer world

with renewed compassion —


it was safe

to remain connected

with the natural

stillness within

when the contrast

seemed most vast.